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5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Your Rescued Pet

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

At Critter Beach, we know the importance of helping your new furry friend feel welcome in their new home!

At Critter Beach, we are on a mission to change what healthy means for pets. At the core of that mission, is helping rescue animals in need! For pet parents looking to welcome a new rescue animal in their home, here are some tricks & tips to ensure they have the smoothest transition possible!

1. Research the breed

When you’re in the beginning stages of adopting a pet, it’s important to research the breed that you are specifically looking for. For example, if you’re looking at a dog breed that requires much exercise and playtime, but you’re not sure you can dedicate the time to do so, then this breed might not be your best match. It’s very critical that you find the perfect match so not only are they catering to your needs, but you’re also catering to theirs.

2. Pet-proofing

If you have anything laying around in your home that you do not want your newest addition to the family to get into, it’s best to hide it. Whether it’s your prized possessions, cleaning supplies, or a trash can, make sure it’s out of reach! For example, leaving your favorite shoes around the house might not be the best idea. Utilize closet space and make sure that its’ secure enough that your dog or cat cannot get through.

3. Gather essential supplies

There are a lot of essentials that your pet will need before arriving at their new home. Food, treats, collar, leash, bed, litter box, and toys are just a short list of things you may need to welcome your new furry friend! It’s also significant to research the food brands and treats that you will be providing for your cat or dog. There are many different brands out there and it’s a pet parent’s mission to only supply the healthiest diet for their new companion.

4. Placements

If you have another pet in the house, it’s important to place their food bowls far away from each other. As some pets get anxious when other pets are near their food bowls, it’s best to keep them separated. For cats, it’s important to designate an area to place their litterbox so they can associate that area with where they should be using the bathroom. It’s also ideal to set aside a quiet, comfortable space with your pet’s bed to let them know they have somewhere to go when they are feeling overwhelmed. Having their own space can also assist in settling their situational anxiety as well.

5. Training

Again, it’s hard to know exactly what your pet has been through in their previous living situations. Some dogs or cats have never had the chance to be loved and trained by a committed pet parent. It’s important to be patient and spend a lot of time with them, especially when training. Not sure if you can handle training on our own? Try bringing your dog to a professional dog training class to help you and your pup better understand each other and work together!

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Nelson Cooper
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